Hi there. I am Christa Bedwin, an editor and writer with twenty years of experience in publishing, consulting, and teaching. It has been an interesting, winding path.

• Grew up on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, descendent of Irish, English, and Ukrainian pioneers. Rode horses. Chased cattle. Toughened up. Got to know a lot of trees and rocks better than people.

• Have earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a B.Ed., a yoga teacher's certificate, and a professional chemist's designation. Taught high school in three provinces. Worked in a chemistry lab. Had about two dozen other interesting jobs (jilleroo, logger, bellydance teacher, baker...). Wrote books, including kids' books, romance novels and Chemistry textbooks, which had always been a dream of mine. Fell in love with some interesting people and sometimes the wrong ones but never yet the right one. Travelled the world (45 countries so far).

Still to do:
•Write more books. Continue raising my son well. Find the love of my life. Inspire people. And I'm still travelling.

I have just finished (2017) a new novel (Caterina's Renaissance, a romantic time travel between a west coast island and Renaissance Venice, with a dragon and some other d
elicious aspects) that has been well-received by beta readers (even male readers!).
The cover to the right is not at all official, but gives you a good idea of some elements of the book's magic.
I am seeking an agent while I work on its sequel, Blodwyn's Redemption, in which the villainess from the first novel goes back in time to post-Roman, pre-Christian Cornwall and finds a better self than she ever knew she had.

CONTACT: My e-mail address is my full name, no space, at gmail dot com.
I'd love to hear from you!

Professional Services

technical writing: revising and writing reports, marketing, & journal articles for folks like chemistry researchers, engineers, and business people. I teach seminars on this too.
school textbooks: I have worked on hundreds of textbook projects, mostly chemistry, math, and other -ologies (geology, biology, physics). I write texts, assessments, and features.
general interest articles: food, travel, parenting, philosophy... please see the samples in the next tab

Presently I am working while travelling Europe. Most of my weeks combine writing the new novel, writing/editing for clients, language practice, tourism, volunteer farming, and homeschooling my son (not in that order).

I am also open to new editing and writing client relationships with great people, and the chance to teach writing seminars in-person or online.

If you want writing help, I can help you to communicate better by:
  •  editing or writing your material so that it is easier, faster, and more pleasant to read
  •  teaching you how to write and edit better for yourself
I have taught technical writing to engineers and scientists in 12 different cities in 3 countries so far, and have taught lots of other things too, from yoga to math and chemistry to horseback riding and chainsaw use (yes, I'm pretty good with a chainsaw, just in case you wanted to know. And a horse. Maybe not at the same time, though my great-grandmother was famed for being a fine shot from horseback -- particularly at the coyotes during calving time... but that's another story).