Writing Links


I have written hundreds of blog-post type articles. For the convenience of sharing them, I have gathered some of them in a variety of categories at the links below.

Yoga & Wellness: http://christabedwinwellness.blogspot.com

Parenting: http://cbparentingschooling.blogspot.com

Poetry: http://christabedwinpoems.blogspot.com

Relationships: http://cbrelationships.blogspot.com

Inspirational People: http://christabedwingurus.blogspot.com

Technical Writing Advice: http://solarosatech.com/blog-timeline.html
Here's my Amazon page with most of my books:
(missing: A few educational books, and Editing Canadian English and Editorial Niches, which I contributed a good part of, but publisher didn't sort out author names yet. Links to those below.)

I also love writing magazine articles. Here are some online samples.

Agricultural magazine Limitless: I wrote and/or edited many of the articles in https://web.lakelandcollege.ca/applied-research/files/PDF/Limitless_2017-_Web.pdf