Hello! I am an editor and writer with twenty years of experience in publishing, consulting, and teaching. It has been an interesting, winding path.

I believe that writing should be uplifting and should help us feel happy or give us ideas about how to live better. I like to write about real people, romance, adventure, history, dragons ('cause they're funny and wise), and magic. I love an old quote by Maeve Binchy about how her characters all start out as losers, and they get better by the end of the book. Isn't that the way to live our lives, too? Always getting better? I like to think so!

What I have done so far, this life:
• Grew up on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, descendant of Ukrainian and Irish pioneers. Rode horses. Chased cattle. Toughened up. Got to know a lot of trees and rocks better than people. Earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a B.Ed., a yoga teacher's certificate, and a professional chemist's designation. Travelled the world (45 countries so far). Taught high school in three provinces. Worked in a chemistry lab. Had about two dozen other interesting jobs (jilleroo, logger, bellydance teacher, baker, construction worker...). Wrote books and essays, including kids' books, romance novels, and Chemistry textbooks. Met inspiring people. Met crazy people. Volunteered. Raised a good strong kind smart son. Fell in love with some interesting people and sometimes the wrong ones but never yet the right one.

Still to do:
•Write more articles, books, and other things to inspire people. Continue raising my son well. Meet the love of my life. Inspire and help more people grow things and themselves. Enjoy life and love and the people and beauty around me.

You can also find me at:
Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B079Q97VZV
Consulting associate: http://www.globalstudiotca.com/associates/
Praise for Caterina's Renaissance:

Caterina's Renaissance is a delight - It's very rich - I don't want to read it all at once, but I find myself thinking about it when I'm somewhere else. Time travel, a dragon, true love... all set oddly believably in today's world.   -- Christine Doran, 2018

You know an author has created some great characters when I miss them after I finish the book. I was just wondering this morning what Massimo and Catherine were up to next, then I got a little sad when I remembered I was finished with the book. I want to thank her for making a strong female character! I love it. -- Melinda Campbell, 2018

I have just finished (2017) a new novel (Caterina's Renaissance, a romantic time travel between a west coast island and Renaissance Venice, with a dragon and some other delicious aspects) that has been well-received by beta readers (even male readers!).

The cover here by www.rynkatryn.com gives you a good idea of some elements of the book's magic.

I am now working on the sequel, Blodwyn's Redemption, in which the villainess from the first novel goes back in time to post-Roman, pre-Christian Cornwall and finds a better self than she ever knew she had. It has not one but two dragons, and not one but two sexy heros.

In book three, an 18th century Acadian widow meets a WWII Navajo code-talker from Arizona. The magic is accompanied by not a dragon, but a phoenix this time (certainly appropriate both to Acadians who survived what the British did to them, and to all indigenous people everywhere).

Caterina's Renaissance is going to appear in this boxed set, which includes 22 ebooks with other fantasy and adventure authors for hardly any money at all (0.99 for pre-order at the Amazon shop of your choice, or 4.99 after it's released May 1, 20
18. That's cheaper than some library cards!)