My business page for teaching technical writing to engineers, business people, and community groups, is here: http://solarosatech.com/

I love to teach writing to engineers, as you can see herehttp://stc-techedit.org/corrigo/tag/christa-bedwin/ and in other places around the net.

References! Here are some quotes from participants.

"That is the first time I have ever forgotten to check my telephone during a seminar. You really kept us engaged and the information was so useful."
-- participant, Calgary

"I have been editing reports for years, but you organized the information and procedures so well that I know it is going to streamline my work, and my mentoring of young writers, from now on. Thank you."
-- participant, Houston, Texas

"Can you please come back again soon and teach more seminars like this?"
-- participants, Edmonton

"Besides being a highly talented technical editor and writer, Christa is also an excellent technical writing instructor. I have enjoyed attending her Technical Writing seminars, and have learned a lot from them. Her method of teaching is succinct and easy to follow. Examples given by her remain in memory for a long time. She makes excellent use of every minute in her seminars. She is a wonderful person to work with, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious."
Sailesh Singh, Environmental Engineer

"I'm so glad that we have you to mentor our young writers."
-- participant, sponsor, Sunnyvale, California

'That was very useful."
-- participants, Portland, Torino, Rome, Calgary, Edmonton, Sunnyvale, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, Houston, Redmond, Halifax, Los Angeles

"The booklet really encapsulates the essential points."
-- participant, Redmond, Washington

"I just wanted to say that I valued your writing insight and tips that I accessed on Golderpedia and on Yammer while you were here, that you were very active about providing. You also sent me instructional material I requested, which I appreciate."
-- coworker from Atlanta, Georgia