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Here is a place to collect links that I think you will enjoy and/or find useful. :)

Another editor's blog with some fine book recommendations for writers and editors:


Canadian Words and Word Histories

A splendid word blog by a very Canadian lady, Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Canadian Dictionary, among other things.

(Lady, by the way, a high-value word that is so often misused, means a woman who is kind, polite, mannerly, accomplished, and gentle. I think this blog is all of those things.)


Science/Engineering Editing and Writing Links:

One of my very very favourite engineer editors, Tim Green: timmit.ca

He include a cool toolbox of things helpful (and fun) to us nerdy types: http://timmit.ca/tools/index.shtml

And Matthew Stevens, the guy who has written my favourite scientific style guide, which you can download for free and pay him later, 'cause he's awesome: http://sciencescape.com/

Katharine O'Moore Klopf is one of the shining lights in science editing. Her website is here: http://www.kokedit.com/index.php

I've recently met Carolotta Shearson, who maintains an interesting blog, here: http://www.shearsoneditorial.com/the-scientists-english/

Fun things

Horoscopes: http://www.georgianicols.com/

Online tarot readings: http://www.newagestore.com/

More Me

Editors of Canada profile, including a few testimonials:


Calgary Editors' Association







Friends/Yoga and Healthy Living

Shelley Goldbeck http://www.shelleygoldbeck.com/

On good food, good life, living right. She has inspired a lot of people. Her fans are many.

Aaron Dalton, whose depths of brilliance continually amaze and delight me. On this blog he writes mainly about baking and books he has read. He is a wonderful husband and a great friend. http://perlkonig.com/

Roberto, who I introduced to yoga in a coffee shop in Montreal: http://veganyogadude.com/

Now he's all sexy and vegan and rockin' yoga and music and good clean food and love 'n' all that.


Ariffa, who writes enchanting things about food and easy nice little things about life and inspires everyone with cheerfulness at our yoga studio:


My old yoga web page, which still needs an update...