Hello! I am an editor and writer with twenty years of experience in publishing, consulting, and teaching. It has been an interesting, winding path.

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I believe that writing should be uplifting and should help us feel happy or give us ideas about how to live better. I like to write about real people, romance, adventure, history, dragons ('cause they're funny and wise), and magic. I love an old quote by Maeve Binchy about how her characters all start out as losers, and they get better by the end of the book. Isn't that the way to live our lives, too? Always getting better? I like to think so!

What I have done so far, this life:

• Grew up on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, descendant of Ukrainian and Irish pioneers. Rode horses. Chased cattle. Toughened up. Got to know a lot of trees and rocks better than people. Earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a B.Ed., a yoga teacher's certificate, and a professional chemist's designation. Travelled the world (45 countries so far). Taught high school in three provinces. Worked in a chemistry lab. Had about two dozen other interesting jobs (jilleroo, logger, bellydance teacher, baker, construction worker...). Wrote books and essays, including kids' books, romance novels, and Chemistry textbooks. Met inspiring people. Met crazy people. Volunteered. Raised a good strong kind smart son. Fell in love with some interesting people and sometimes the wrong ones but never yet the right one.

Sarah Carter's review

Loved the combination of historical facts, mystery and romance. I wasn’t expecting the sci-fi / fantasy element, which isn’t usually a genre that I enjoy but I must admit it added to my enjoyment of the novel.

Great character development, a good engrossing storyline and a fab history lesson all combine to give a superb read.

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I am now working on the sequel, Blodwyn's Redemption, in which the villainess from the first novel goes back in time to post-Roman, pre-Christian Cornwall and finds a better self than she ever knew she had. It has not one but two dragons, and not one but two sexy heros. It's a finalist in a recent contest but not yet published.

Here's another novella I put out this summer, a sweet little time travel adventure in Edinburgh (first of three novels about two cousins across time).

Still to do:

•Write more articles, books, and other things to inspire people. Continue raising my son well. Meet the love of my life. Inspire and help more people grow things and themselves. Enjoy life and love and the people and beauty around me.