A Trilogy of Albertan Romances by Christa Bedwin

The Canadian Land Girls series with Sola Rosa Publishing are easy, delicious little armchair travels.

The author loves the tradition of setting romance novels in exotic locations, and grew up reading novels in Greece, Italy, New Zealand, and Australia, so she thought, why not write novels just as delicious as that, but steeped in the culture that surrounds us here in Alberta?

The first novel, The Celtic Coast Connection, involves a hero and heroine from Nova Scotia. They meet in Nova Scotia, but then are apart for years before re-meeting in Alberta, where they both now live and work. Jane’s artistic soul and love for Rory are at odds with the strictures placed on single female prairie schoolteachers, even today. Gloriously set between the sweeping prairies and the musical, cozy Maritimes.

The second novel, Lanette of the Land, is about Jane’s best friend, a tough ranch girl raised on the prairie. She falls unwittingly for a guy from Toronto, of all things. Add the fact that he’s left a hard-working big-money lifestyle to be a laid-back mountain adventure guide, and Lanette’s prideful and stubborn mind isn’t sure she can accept him, no matter how much she’s attracted. Luckily, he’s no wimp, and he persists until he’s won her heart.

In Two Secrets and a Chase, the most popular novel of the three, to date, two very nice kids from Canmore who have known each other forever fall in love. Unfortunately, Joe takes quite a while to clue in to the changed status, and their close friendship is ruined. Determined to move on with her life, Carrie (aided and abetted by Lanette) takes herself off to Australia to heal her battered heart. Adventure abounds as Joe wakes up and follows her, and finds that Carrie’s not at all easy to catch once you let her slip away! Their adventures take them through the Outback and to the coast.

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