Christa Bedwin

I write, edit, and help technical people learn to write better. 

I am also a novelist, yoga & meditation teacher, mantra singer.  But this page is about tech writing, mainly.

BEd, BSc (Chemistry), CYT

I am an experienced editor and writer, and love to teach engineers and scientists to write!

Source of competencies:

How I got this way: I started as a chemist and chemistry teacher and accidentally got a job as an editor for a Chemistry textbook in 1999 with McGraw-Hill Ryerson in Toronto, where I learned a tonne from an excellent old-school publishing team. After a spell in Calgary's Downtown Oil Patch scene, I became a lead technical editor at Golder Associates (9000 international associates was a fun and wonderful family to belong to!). The senior Engineering & Environmental Science people asked me to teach their groups and employees how to write better, and told me exactly what they needed. My texts & courses are based on their experienced advice about consulting industry realities, loads of lessons from other people on my path, and 25 years of my own experience.

Popular training topics include:
Client-Pleasing Reports • Reviewing • Proposals • Client Communications • Team Relations
Check out the list in the topics tab. 

I am happy to add new topics and tailor each training session to the specific needs of the group involved.

25+ years of international experience in consulting, publishing, science, & teaching. 16 years with yoga.

Contact me to:

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