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  • 3 free engineering writing texts to download (2014 Christa Bedwin texts)

  • 2 free scientific writing texts to download (from Matthew Stevens of Australia)

  • buy links for 4 inexpensive but absolutely wonderful writing books from my own revered mentor, Dr. Joan Koster

  • link to buy my other text PDFs (e.g. for UBC modules)

  • buy link for another reporting writing text from a Canadian colleague who also teaches engineers

Matthew Stevens

The inimitable Aussie editor Matthew Stevens has also made these two amazing scientific editing books available free. Click the links to download these books.

Joan Bouza Koster

Joan Bouza Koster has been adventuring, loving, teaching, and writing for over 50 years now. She is the best writing teacher I have ever met, and an inspirational human besides. These books are an absolute delight. Treat yourself! She draws on 5 or 6 decades of reading and writing more than any ten average super-intelligent people, and there are delights and interesting lessons on every page.

ebooks: buy new books

You can buy paperback copies of many of my books on Amazon (just look for my name, I'm the only Christa Bedwin).

I have made PDFs of the technical writing books, plus e-copies of my novels, available inexpensively and easily at the following website (pictured at left, link here:).

Margaret Chandler

Margaret also teaches business writing, and her book offers many of the same points mine do, but in a different voice, and with some other examples, exercises, answers, and more business content. A great resource too! For a 30% discount on this worthwhile text, use the code SolaRosa30 at