Christa Bedwin

I write, edit, and help technical people learn to write better.

I am also a novelist, yoga & meditation teacher, mantra singer, light worker, and healer. Contact me about that to discuss if you like -- this page is mainly about the corporate writing teaching & editing.

BEd, BSc (Chemistry), CYT

I love to teach engineers and scientists to write!

In 2012 while I was working in-house, senior engineering & environmental science people at Golder Associates asked me to teach their groups and employees how to write better, and told me exactly what they needed. My texts & courses are based on their experienced advice about consulting industry realities, plus 25 years of my own publishing/science experience.

Popular topics include Reporting • Proposals • Client Communications • Team Relations
Check out the list in the topics tab. I'm always happy to add new workshop topics on request.

I am happy to tailor each training session to the specific needs of the group involved.

25+ years of international experience in consulting, publishing, science, & teaching. 16 years with yoga.

Contact me to:

  • Teach your team to write

  • Consult about your writing or editing project

  • Pull together a team to assist with your writing or editing project

ChristaBedwin at

(Note: I take only a limited number of editing and writing jobs solo these days, but can often connect you with a suitable high-quality colleague if I'm full.)