I have 25 years of experience editing for scientific and medical researchers, educational and trade publishers, industry, government, and academia, especially in chemistry, engineering, and the environment.

I love to teach technical writing to professional engineers and scientists in Canada and internationally, including both corporate and university sessions, and have published several textbooks about technical writing. I have contributed chapters to Editors Canada’s books Editing Canadian English and Editorial Niches.

I will write more novels when I grow up. (Some are published now on Amazon, e.g. check out Caterina's Renaissance. Even more have been living for decades in my head, waiting for me to write them! Hoping to do more of that very soon. Well maybe not the growing up, but the writing of those novels.)

I grew up on a cattle ranch in the Canadian Rockies and have travelled to several dozen countries. I love meeting locals and practicing languages, and farm volunteering with the WWOOF organization. I also teach yoga.

I am friendly and I love intelligent discussion and interesting questions about:

  • technical writing & editing

  • health, posture, stress, breath, mantra, body engineering, yoga, fasting, ketogenic diet

  • teaching engineers & scientists to write more readable, concise, delightful materials

  • wwoofing (organic/sustainable farming, volunteering)

  • travelling while single parenting, working, and homeschooling

Drop me a line.

christabedwin at

I have also written textbooks about technical writing, other nonfiction books, and fiction, many of which are available on Amazon under my name.