A collection of technical writing tips, usually in reponse to a question someone has asked.

If you are in the throes of grant writing, you might enjoy this collection of tips and posts.

A joint venture with two other technical editor friends – an urban planner and an engineer. This is the archive of all the newsletters.

A Quick Top Tip Video

An old Golder Colleague asked me to give a video on a Quick Top Tip and here's my off-the-cuff answer, which he then magicked up with on-screen text, images, and music. Please excuse the imperfections. It's one of those 2020 interviews from the living room.

Note that I mention an extreme case of receiving a huge report, and what I could do to it quickly, but ideally I prefer to have at least an hour per 1000 words to edit (and better for at least one overnight for each 5000 words, the process just ferments better that way if you want top quality).