It is my aim to provide as much help as I can to writers of all kinds. Some people and companies have enough money to pay for intensive help, while other individuals feel they just need to make do with what they can do themselves.

Here are some resources to facilitate your own development as a writer. If and when you can afford it, the lessons learned by receiving an actual edit on your own work, or by having in-person seminars, can also advance your skills.

1. A colouring sheet for adults -- because sometimes you need a break from all the words on the page

2. Ice breaker activities for groups.

3. Plain language resource from the Canadian government. Why plain language? This editors' blog post says it very well: Giving Thanks for Plain Language

I have attached here the 1991 Canadian government resource, which was designed to explain to government bureaucrats how to communicate in a humane way with the rest of us. The principles in it are internationally applicable to English of all sorts.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions, or would like help with training. I am delighted to help.