Résumés, CVs

There are two different styles of résumé here and one CV style.

I hope that you find these useful to develop your own resume.

Particularly, the one that is simply named 2014 is a nice template that was given to me by a very cool septagenarian expat I sat beside on an airplane.

His name was Dave and he told me all about the pet bear he had when he was working in Turkey, his various jobs around the world, his wife and children, and how to get cool jobs.

His advice is worth taking! It's the first resume in the list and you are welcome to download it, delete all of my information, and use the template.

The middle one called Golder resume is actually a CV: curriculum vitae, which my old corporate family uses. A CV attempts to list everything possibly relevant to work that you have ever done in your life. Some of the guys at Golder had 60-page CVs with all the projects they did all over the world. Again, you are welcome to download this and study the format, though the template belongs to Golder and it would look odd if you were to use it without working for them!

The third resume is a format that was given to me by a Vice President of Human Resources for a major multi-billion-dollar oil company. You will see that it is the shortest of all three, and, in fact, it is the one that got me the interview with the best job I've ever had in my life (with Golder, above). She told me that the higher level you get, the more the summary of skills of what you /can/ do matter more than simply the summary of experience of things that you /have/ done.

Another high-level oil industry person took time with me over a coffee table to teach my how to spin what I know. She says that a man who delivers lettuce once wrote that he was in charge of the national distribution of a million dollars' worth of product each day... which is true.

Who you are is not just about what other people have allowed you to do. It's about who you allow yourself to become.

So give yourself permission to take a step up, today. Write yourself the resume of who you want to be, whether you are actually job hunting or not right now.