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You can buy my first three novels (little Canadian romances, written in the 90s) on Amazon, here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=christa+bedwin

From a beta reader:

"I have a total crush on Massimo. Please hurry up and finish Caterina's Renaissance." (so I did)

From a fellow writer:

"When I get bogged down, I pull out Lanette (my fav parts are bookmarked) for inspiration. Can't thank you enough for sharing that beautiful story!" -- April Standard, Harlequin Author

Results of a LinkedIn article:

"One of the best articles I read on LinkedIn this year. Thank you." -- JCQ

About The Celtic Coast Connection (Amazon Review)

"The Celtic Coast is a good read whether you are a romance novel fan or not. The author provides descriptions of both eastern Canada and the prairies that transport the reader to these locations. The gentleness of the plot transports the reader to a gentler time. If you are heading to the beach or just to the couch on a sunny afternoon, this is a good book to have with you."

About Lanette of the Land (Amazon Review):

"I really enjoyed this read.

The setting is beautiful and is deeply woven into Lanette's journey to love. She is a strong, very appealing heroine and Rob is her passionate match in every way. Each has misconceptions about the other as they are from seemingly opposite ways of life. They struggle through trust and vulnerability issues on their way to love and it's a sweet, passionate ride. The land, animals and Lanette's way of life are written with appeal and make you long to join her in "her neck of the woods". I also loved her mother, Melba, and extended family. They are salt of the earth and after spending time with them on Lanette's land, I could identify with her struggle of not wanting to risk losing the most valuable and meaningful parts of her life. Love is always a risk and Lanette was brave enough to grow, let go, and take a chance.

It's a very feel good read! Looking forward to Carrie and Joe's story!"

About Two Secrets & a Chase (Amazon Review):

"Two Secrets and a Chase was my favorite book in The Land Girls series. One of the reasons was the Australian setting. Another was the interactions that the heroine had with other characters as she struggled to get over her love. I had to laugh at the Australian tour guide who was so typical of guides whom one often encounters on bus tours. I was sorry when this novel ended."