Writing and Editing

Christa has 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, and is particularly skilled and experienced with texts that are designed to teach. She knows many strategies for presenting material more effectively to a variety of audiences, including various cultures and reading levels from English second language learners to PhD researchers. This skill carries over to well-designed reports and promotional materials.

She takes on select projects for select interesting clients in scientific, research, academic, and engineering applications, as well as really interesting or very cool biography, autobiography, or creative projects.

Rates may be negotiable depending on the project length and need but for new clients tend to start at $80/hr. for editing, or $1.00/word for writing.

Instruction and Speaking

Christa is available to teach seminars and workshops to groups. Here are some sample topics.

    • technical writing (have taught in 12 cities in 3 countries so far and to a variety of audiences):
      • how to write better memos
      • how to communicate better by e-mail
      • how to market your message
      • how to trim and format writing for better communication
      • how to target writing to specific reader audiences
      • how to put together complete and excellent reports
      • plain language and reader safety
    • customized yoga seminars (experience customizing this class in multiple cities to corporate desk workers and freelance work-at-home people)
      • yoga for desk workers
      • yoga and nutrition for insomnia
      • yoga for your back and core
      • yoga for alertness
      • yoga for longevity
    • inspirational talks (experience doing United Church sermons and inspirational conference speeches to college students)
    • mathematics and science -- tutoring, upgrading, and examination preparation
    • specialized writing needs (for example, journalling as part of a group conference or team builder, autobiography, assignments, reports, creative)
    • customized belly dance lessons (women only)
    • creative writing and self-editing -- stories, biographies, letters, resumes -- whatever your writing needs, Christa can help you improve.

Rates for instruction vary according to the number of participants and the length of the course and may be negotiable for non-profit organizations or groups of individuals. Please contact me via gmail.

Individual Coaching/Light Work/Breath Work/Yoga Instruction

Need some help getting through some of the tricky challenges of life, getting out of a rut, or getting unblocked?

We all need a hand some time, and I can teach you to help yourself using ancient and practical knowledge for physical, energetic, and emotional healing.

Yoga teaching, individual coaching, meditation, and light work sessions are $80-100/hr. Rates note: If this cost it out of your reach but you are in need, I have been known to work out swap arrangements and/or discounts. If my skills can help you climb out to a brighter place, then please ask and let's see what we can work out.

Event Organization

Christa is a creative and innovative event organizer, with experience with festival projects, corporate parties, and community group fundraising events. Her event planning always includes:

    • efficient, accountable record-keeping
    • cordial and professional relations with clients and suppliers
    • surprising artistic, cultural, and intriguing elements.

Rates are negotiable depending on the timeline, event details, and duties required.

Photographic Portfolio Partner

Do you need a photographic portfolio for a project? Are you an interesting person? This photographer is running a community-based photography project and may be able to help. Fotos Forward